K12Engineers Academy of Excellence - Preparing Future Engineers!

Does your child have the inclination or characteristics of an engineer? If your kid is always playing with blocks and trying to make the next tallest tower although seeing them fall over and over again rolling clay into various shapes and molds, building objects out of their imagination, attracted by computer and logic games..., chances are you have an Engineer kid at home! Enrolling such children in K12Engineering classes should be an obvious choice for parents. From ages 10-18, K12Engineers after school online classes will develop the love for engineering in your child. Our continuous training provides all basic engineering coding, critical reasoning, creativity competence, that will give your kid a huge academic advantage after graduating High School. Students receive a certificate after completing each level. At the end of the program, they earn the title of "K12 Engineer" and can get a job as Junior Software Engineer.

Our students are attending from all U.S. states/territories and worldwide. They choose their own class schedule (day and local time) while enrolling. All our classes are provided from the United States by instructors all teaching in U.S. schools with U.S. clearances and background checks up to date. Classes are live and interactive. 

Students have unlimited access to their online virtual machine (VM) and use a State-of-the-Art Virtual Lab coding & engineering environment.

Rayan is a remarkable student who has shown a strong interest in technology and robotics. Recently, Rayan attended a local Maker Space where he worked on 3D design and printing as well as laser cutting. This experience allowed Rayan to gain hands-on experience and develop skills in these areas.
In addition to the Maker Space, Rayan also attended Coder Dojo, a coding club where he had the opportunity to enhance his web development skills. Rayan particularly enjoys creating websites and has shown a passion for coding.
Another notable achievement for Rayan is completing a course on Intro to Robotic Engineering through the US California program. During this course, Rayan worked with the MBot Neo Robot, gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience in the field of robotics.
Looking ahead, Rayan has been admitted to Technology High School and is excited to join the battle bots Robotics Team. This opportunity will allow Rayan to further explore his interest in robotics and participate in competitive robotics events.
To further enhance his skills, Rayan plans to deepen his knowledge of Python by taking additional courses over the summer. Python is a popular programming language widely used in various fields, including robotics and web development.
Overall, Rayan's passion for technology, robotics, and coding, as well as their proactive approach to seeking out opportunities for learning and growth, make them an impressive student with a bright future in the field of technology.




Ronald, an eighth-grader in Philadelphia PA, with a passion for robotics, coding, and gaming, sounds like a remarkable individual with diverse interests. His expertise in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, along with his knowledge of 3D gaming and drones, makes him a standout among his peers. Ronald's enthusiasm for technology and innovation sets him apart, and his skills in these areas make him an excellent candidate for a spotlight.

Ronald's passion for robotics demonstrates his ability to understand and work with complex systems. With his knowledge of coding languages, he can program robots to perform specific tasks and bring his ideas to life. His mastery of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python allows him to create dynamic and interactive websites and applications. Ronald's proficiency in these languages showcases his dedication to honing his programming skills.

Moreover, Ronald's interest in gaming, specifically 3D gaming, indicates his creativity and ability to think outside the box. He likely possesses a strong understanding of game design principles, including character development, level design, and gameplay mechanics. Ronald's knowledge in this field can contribute to creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

Additionally, Ronald's fascination with drones exhibits his curiosity and interest in emerging technologies. Drones have various applications, including aerial photography, delivery services, and even search and rescue operations. Ronald's knowledge of drones and their operations reflects his desire to explore cutting-edge technologies and find innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Overall, Ronald's passion for robotics, coding, gaming, 3D design, and drones makes him a standout student in the field of technology. His proficiency in multiple programming languages, coupled with his creativity and interest in emerging technologies, positions him as a promising young innovator. Ronald's dedication and expertise in these areas deserve recognition and could potentially lead to exciting opportunities in the future.

Patrick is a remarkable 6th grader whose passion for technology, computers, and coding is setting on an inspiring path toward a tech-driven future. With a voracious appetite for learning and an innate talent for all things digital, this young prodigy is making waves in the tech realm and leaving a lasting impact on those around them.

From an early age, our featured 6th grader exhibited a profound curiosity about technology. Patrick fascination with computers and gadgets became evident as he eagerly explored the inner workings of devices, endlessly tinkering and seeking to understand how they functioned. It quickly became apparent that he possessed an extraordinary talent and insatiable appetite for knowledge in this field.

As he progressed through his academic journey, our budding technophile joined K12Engineers Academy and discovered the captivating world of coding. With sheer determination and an unwavering focus, Patrick delved into programming languages, mastering the fundamentals of coding principles and techniques. Patrick love for coding grew exponentially, leading him to pursue various coding projects and challenges.

Fuelled by his passion, our tech-savvy 6th grader embarked on a series of impressive projects that showcased his creativity and technical prowess. From designing interactive websites to developing captivating games, his projects exemplify his ability to translate complex concepts into tangible digital experiences. His ingenuity and problem-solving skills continue to amaze his peers and teachers alike.

Looking ahead, this 6th grader's passion for technology, computers, and coding shows no signs of slowing down. With boundless opportunities in the digital age, Patrick’s journey promises to be an exciting one. Whether it's creating groundbreaking software, contributing to cutting-edge technological advancements, or becoming an influential figure in the tech industry, his potential seems limitless.

Christian, an exceptional 10th-grade student is destined to make a profound impact in the fields of robotics, VR video game coding, computer programming, and artificial intelligence (AI). With an unwavering passion for technology and an insatiable curiosity for innovation, this student stands out as a true prodigy in his chosen domains.
Through his knowledge in programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he has crafted captivating virtual reality environments.
In the realm of artificial intelligence, Christian has embraced the cutting-edge technology with enthusiasm and foresight. He is interested by machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing to develop intelligent systems that can analyze vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions
Christian dedication, coupled with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, hints at a future where he will reshape industries, improve human experiences, and push the boundaries of innovation.

Keep an eye out for Christian, rising star in the realms of robotics, VR video game coding, computer programming, and AI. He is poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of technology and shape the world we live in.


Jaxon, is a 10th-grade student who has a passion for coding. His passion led him to join the Upward Bound Program – Louisiana State University and start computational thinking classes.

This K12Engineer student possesses a solid foundation in programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript and has successfully tackled complex coding challenges. With a systematic and logical approach, he can troubleshoot errors, develop algorithms, and create efficient and elegant solutions to various programming problems.

Additionally, this student has proven his aptitude in web design. He possesses a keen eye for aesthetics, an understanding of user experience principles, and proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. His ability to design visually appealing and functional websites showcases his ability to blend creativity and technical skills to deliver engaging online experiences.

As an ambitious and motivated individual, this 10th grader consistently seeks opportunities to further his knowledge and skills in the areas of robotics, engineering, coding and web design. He actively participates in online forums, attends workshops, and collaborates with like-minded individuals to broaden his horizon and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the tech industry.

With his passion for video games, 3D modeling, robotics, coding, and web design, this exceptional 10th-grade student is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of technology. His talent, dedication, and eagerness to explore new frontiers make him an inspiring role model for fellow students and a potential trailblazer in his chosen field. His dream: work for a big company like Microsoft or Treyarch!