Joseph Faye, Computer Security Engineer, CEO and founder of K12Engineers academy has 17+ years experience working as Cyber security specialist and mentoring in computer science education for the Military in Europe and in the United States of America, teaching computer science to elementary and middle school students for 9 years in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools Educational Technology Influencer 2020 and the Philadelphia Eagles Axalta All-Pro Teachers. 
Marcellin ZE, DevOps engineer. His contributions in the areas of virtualization, virtual machines, CI/CD integration, and cloud infrastructure, particularly within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, have been nothing short of remarkable. His meticulous attention to virtualization and virtual machines has played a pivotal role in creating a robust and scalable K12E infrastructure. His in-depth knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft Azure have not only facilitated the smooth transition of our applications to the cloud but have also optimized our resources, resulting in cost savings for our company and students.




K12Engineers teaching model emphasizes Project-based learning in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. Our carefully-planned curriculums, syllabuses and interactive live-training webinars/zoom have been designed to make sure our students make maximum progress and are ready to apply their new knowledge and skills right after completing the classes. K12Engineers main goal is to facilitate an early transfer of engineering and computing professional skills to young students. The certificate and title delivered to our students after completion of the program is a real asset in their future engineering, college studies  and professional life. All certificates distributed by k12engineers have a unique Certification ID. They will remain available online for verification even after our students have started their professional life.


Top 10 US States Our Students Connect From

  1-  Pennsylvania  
  2-  Tennessee  
  3-  New York  
  4-  California  
  5-  Illinois  
  6-  Louisiana  
  7-  Idaho  
  8-  South Carolina  
  9-  Georgia  
 10-  Wyoming  
 11-  Texas  
 12-  Oregon  
 13-  Missouri  
 14-  Alaska  
 15-  Maryland  
 16-  North Carolina  
 17-  Florida  
 18-  Iowa  
 19-  Kentucky  
 20-  New Jersey  
 21-  Michigan  
 22-  Minnesota  
 23-  Virginia  
 24-  Washington   
 25-  U.S. Virgin Islands  
 26-  Connecticut  
 27-  Mississippi  
 28-  Ohio  
 29-  Kansas  
 30-  Arizona  
 31-  Massachusetts   
 32-  Colorado  
 33-  Arkansas  
 34-  Nevada  
 35-  West Virginia  
 36-  Alabama  
 37-  Delaware  
 38-  Wisconsin  
 39-  Oklahoma  
 40-  Indiana  
 41-  Maine  
 42-  Utah  
 43-  Montana  
 44-  Missouri  
 45-  Vermont