Cole is a talented and driven 6 grade student who is passionate about coding. His interest in coding started in school when he took a computer science course and discovered a passion for creating websites and software applications. Cole has been attending technology class at Holy Innocents, and as a K12Egineer student, he is now taking his coding skills to the next level. Cole is currently learning various programming languages such as HTML, Python, JavaScript, and CSS.

He started with HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks of web development. Cole created a simple website that included text, images, and links, and then moved on to learning more advanced CSS concepts such as responsive design and animations.

In addition to coding, Cole is also interested in robotics and has participated in the scouts robotics workshop, collaborating with other young coders and learning from their experiences. Cole's coding journey has not only taught his technical skills but also boosted his creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities. He hopes to continue exploring the world of coding and one day become a software engineer.